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Bi Xia shouted and said: You idiot, coach factory are you looking for someone who can bind them so? To bind them in this way, but also with coach purses you find it? You are more than you think coach purses idiot? That thugs for mercy and said: No, no, that did not mean coach purses coach purses momentary dizzy, coach purses is too want meritorious. Roll, and then went to coach purses. Bi Xia shouted. That thugs ran dingy. Wang Xiao see funny, thought: what people really bring any men, Bi Xia curse that thugs are an idiot, in fact, he is an idiot.
But, coach outlet online This gun is really hard to open ah. coach purses Originally self-defense, but now has changed how I feel, like coach purses a shot becomes a massacre, to blame blame too inflow of these opponents. Ah coach purses like to see, as long as the stairs would dare, coach purses who would shoot first. Wang Xiao made ​​the decision to pay attention to the stairs near the movement. Gunshot bang, Wang Xiao was scared hop, and have not seen someone shot at him, I do not know how will sound of gunfire. Wang Xiao Wang followed the sound in the past, but it is a shot that summer graduates who wet his pants.
Wang Xiao angry thinking, sniper rifle aimed at the completion of the summer head. At that moment, the man moved his wet his pants, issued a moaning sound, did not put coach purses shot and killed anti- play from a coma woke up. coach purses A waste, is not dead ? Bi Xia swore, and raised the pistol, the alignment of the person's head that wet his pants, ready to shot that piss people will get rid of completely. At this vital moment, the king smiled and pulled the trigger, the bullet fly out. Bi screams summer, with a hand pistol fall to the ground, actually wrist shot was knocked out.

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12 Feb, 2015 07:10 30
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