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Do not get ? Rest assured, cheap coach bags things children, do not worry ! Boss, this bottle of Double pot lid has been opened, according to your requirements, and replaced with a mineral water bottle is not opened, inside or wine ! That waiter for Crane Fan Gan explains. Yes, well done ! Van Gan Crane nodded with satisfaction. Nothing, boss gave so many tips coach outlet coach outlet if this little thing is to do something good, it also embarrassed to take the money. The waiter said. Fan Gan Crane did not say anything, pick up two bottles of Double pot, went directly to the box, and this scene, just been to the bathroom back to the heart of Yan Wang look in the eyes.
Rest assured, this little cheap coach drink wine, what thing are not, no problem driving. Heart Yan Wang Lin Yi smiled and blinked. Wang Yan slightly Yie heart, hands and feet, she clearly toldGan Crane did, and Lin Yi 's answer is so baffling ? But Wang Yan heart snow smart, she will naturally not think Lin Yi did not hear clearly what she says, and Lin Yi say, probably not want to be suspected of Van. Lin Yi think some ambiguous answers, they are concerned with issues such as coach outlet like Wang Yan heart sè reddish face, in the dim light ktv box below map jiāo more brilliant, so Crane Fan Gan also happy to see the hearts and angry !
Lin brother, my grandfather, and what did you say ? And then, my grandfather promised ? True said yes ? By the way, I'm the big brother thing afternoon it? You relatives tube thing really, even in the afternoon you have to go out to consult, but also that of his girlfriend ? Oh...... Lin Yi Hsin Tao, which can be considered for a girlfriend tube, so similar ? Well, since all right, I have a month coach outlet Ho bedroom, in the afternoon we go out to play ? I do not come more often Lin Yi said: But what America coach outlet month holiday afternoon ?

20 Jan, 2015 05:13 32
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