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Fang Yun very curious,louis vuitton australia, so in the end who will attract interest of his past, with the suspect huo mind, Fang Yun came to a hall outside. Before the old man living in different temples, which counted on to do the hall was magnificent, white walls and red tile walls set up, in addition to the palace, every hundred feet is a knight guarding the ninth order, within the halls of worship is Chi god of light, recorded from ancient books, the incandescent light of God in the seat of God of light, but God will be one of the four, but the statue on the same hall exudes endless blazing glory, in the heart of the cloud side, burning a flame, and seems to be affecting this statue.
1ù salad with Fang Yun 's arm, carefully watching this represents divinity statue, cheap louis vuitton and not like Fang Yun like that, feel this statue Vaillant, but cheap louis vuitton bags instinctively felt that this statue to bring cheap louis vuitton bags the trace of oppression. After the party cloud Waltz brought this hall, we leave to leave, after all, who would previously unspoken, just want people to come to a party cloud, but insisted follow 1ù sand around the cloud side, the same side of the cloud acquiescence. Above the hall, in addition to the party and 1ù cloud of sand, not a figure, but not the slightest sense of Kuji, erected in the hall on twelve pillars, depicting numerous mysterious gods, or happy, or sad, or war or static, some looking at the stars, some weeping contemplation.
Logically speaking, a comprehension of things seen, it is difficult to forget, but Fang Yun did not remember, exactly where seen this person, this person felt the breath. And this man a big red robe, the pace gentle, gentle body with an atmosphere, people have an innate feeling of closeness, but this man 's face with a gold mask sè, people can not see cheap louis vuitton bags face. cheap louis vuitton bags Seen in any place ? Fang Yun frowning man looked puzzled. Oh...... you are a king looks unparalleled wits have short memories, but also a mere...... next, Wang did not allow unparalleled in mind.

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10 Feb, 2015 19:26 51
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